Ultimate Gift Guide to Choose Best Toys 2013
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By: Randy Paes

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Hot Wheels Toys To Be Toys Toys For Christmas 2013

Some of the top toys for Christmas 2013 from the Hot Wheels’ line will include toys that allow you to build your own Hot Wheels, a system to create your own tracks, and Spin Shotz. Mattel showed off the latest from Hot Wheels at this year’s Toy Fair. This year is all about customization in the Hot Wheels franchise. Kids will get to use their imaginations and creativity in completely new ways. Here are some of our favorite new Hot Wheels Toys.

Hot Wheels Spinshots Rail Rip Race

Hot Wheels Spinshots give new meaning to let it rip. These don’t use the traditional Hot Wheels vehicles that we are used to seeing. It contains disc spinners that zip around the Hot Wheel tracks, avoiding obstacles.

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels

In 2013, Mattel announced that it was partnering with Mega Brands to create a line of buildable Hot Wheels. Finally, kids will be able to construct some of the coolest sets based on the Hot Wheels universe. Sets in the line include the Build and Race collection, a motorized Monster Truck, and a an Escape Rig with missile launchers.

Hot Wheels Car Maker

For years boys have dreamed of making their own Hot Wheel toys. What if we told you that now you can? No way? Yes way. The Hot Wheels Car Maker lets kids create, customize, and race their own Hot Wheel Cars. The Car Maker lets kids construct their very own 1:64 scale Hot Wheels vehicles. The toy uses a heating system to create molds of vehicles. Each set allows kids to create up to 10 cars.

First choose your color. It comes with colored injection moulds which determine the color of your car. Slip the capsule into the injection mould machine and pull the lever. The machine will take about 5 minutes to work its magic, melting the plastic into a mould. Once the machine tells you that your car is ready, it opens up the door for you to take out your creation. Pull the mould out and open it up to find your own custom made Hot Wheels car inside. Then decorate and accessorize it with the included stickers and chassis. These Hot Wheel cars are compatible with any Hot Wheels track.

Hot Wheels Arcade

Do your kids like arcades and Hot Wheel toys? They are going to love this toy that combines Hot Wheels with an arcade like game. Millions of boys have Hot wheel cars lying around. Now they can take them and play a game with them with this action set that combines pinball with skee ball. The fun starts when you turn the machine on. The timer begins to countdown and you have a minute to score as many points as you can. Shoot the cars through the point gates to receive different points. All of a sudden a ramp drops down and you can double your points by shooting a car up the ramp and into the cage. It looks easier than it is.

Which Hot Wheels toys are you going to put on your top toys for Christmas 2013 list? Let us know below.

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Smakaball Is One Of The Hot Toys For Christmas 2013

Smakaball might be one of the hot toys for Christmas 2013. The game of catch just got a little more inventive with Smakaball. Parents will be happy to know that this new toy encourages children to get out of the house and exercise. The toy will be shown at the Toy Fair and its creator hopes that it will make a big splash. It's one of the most unique toys this year.

The toy offers a big spin on the classic catching toys. However, with the hoop, kids will be able to snatch balls out of the air, making catches that seem impossible. The hoop is designed so that it is a little smaller than the ball. When the ball lands in it, the ball stays inside the hoop. Kids can grab the ball from different angles by swiping the hoop through the air. It was designed by a student of Architecture, Rami Zein, who has taken the principles of physics to design an innovative new toy. He got the idea while at a pool. What parents will love about Smakaball is that it is not only fun to play but encourages kids to move. Too many kids are trapped indoors when they should be playing outside in the sun. It gives kids superhero like abilities. Kids can pull in a large ball that is far away from them. It not only encourages kids to exercise, but it also helps with eye hand coordination. The sports toy is designed to be played both indoors and outdoors. It's the type of fun that will appeal to just ab
out any child even older kids.

You can play Smakaball with a friend outside in the backyard. Kids can even create their own team sports and make their own rules. Kids can form their own teams and play just about anywhere. The beach is fun but with Smakaball, it is even more fun. Even more fun is to play with others in the pool. Tail gating and barbeques will never be the same. It doesn't matter about your skill level. Players can use either one hand or two hands to play. Even adults can play. The toy is even suitable enough for disabled children. The toy is designed for kids over the age of 6.

When it is released, it will be available in different colors. The creator says that we should also be seeing balls with different sports teams. Parents simply have to blow up the ball and there is a flap that prevents the air from leaking out.

Kids love it because it is fun and parents love it because it makes their children healthier. A lot of schools around the nation are looking to make Smakaball a part of their physical education program. Retailers are already excited to get the product into stores. The product is even getting a strong response from the International community. However, all that matters is what kids think about it. Kids say they love making catches that are next to impossible.

Do you think that Smakaball will be one of the hot toys for Christmas 2013? Let us know.

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